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Affordable, quality custom work is hard to come by these days, especially when you want only the best for your award-winning student. Suzie’s Sewing and Letter Jackets is the place to find high-quality, old fashioned craftsmanship at an affordable price. Because Suzie’s uses time-honored techniques in producing chenille letters, mascots, names, and other add-ons for your student’s letter jacket, the results are thicker, more detailed, and better quality chenille than the mass-produced variety.

Suzie’s Sewing and Letter Jackets is one of the few embroidery shops where the chenille is still created item by item, to customers’ specifications, on traditional hand-guided single-stitch machines. When you order a letter jacket from Suzie’s, you will be amazed at the difference a skilled artisan can make.

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 What is a Letter Jacket?
A Letter Jacket is a starts and a finish. It is a person’s first badge of adulthood, of accomplishment and victorious memory. It’s a goal achieved, after years of dreams and sweat. A letter jacket is a reminder of bruises and aching muscles. It’s a symbol of belonging, a mortar of team and camaraderie…of friendships earned. It is moments of victory and defeat, strung like white and crimson banners in the vast stadium of memory. It is the leather of adventure, the wool of combat and heroics. The excited hum of competition—cheers that burst like sky-rockets. It’s the color of loyalty, discovered and developed. In its creases and folds are loomed and tanned all the efforts of a person to become an adult. It is a union between language, creed or color. This is a LETTER JACKET.
–Author Unknown

You might expect to pay more for the best, but what’s great about Suzie’s Sewing and Letter Jackets is that, by eliminating the middleman and ordering directly, you will actually realize substantial savings.

If you have checked into the cost of a letter jacket for your student, you know that the sources used by your high-school athletic program or local retailer require a major investment. On top of out-of-pocket extracurricular fees and equipment costs, your already-stretched budget is beginning to groan.

Suzie’s will create a custom jacket for your son or daughter in the exact colors, style, type of letter, and other details that will be a perfect match to the more expensive jackets. And you will feel great, knowing that your award winning student is wearing the best quality money can buy. If your student would like a school mascot, nickname, or anything else that can be embroidered added to the order, Suzie’s will be glad to work with you to create it. There are no setup or digitizing fees!

Turn around time on chenille is two weeks plus shipping time, Turn around time on Jackets is four weeks plus shipping time.  Thank you Susie
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